Circleville Wards – Photos Circa 1988ish

When dad was the bishop of the Circleville 2nd Ward, he wanted to get photographs of all the families in the 1st and 2nd wards. Now, more than a quarter of a century later, these photos are available here electronically, or if you’d like the original, dad has them at his home in Circleville.

As I looked through the pictures, I had many great memories of the people I knew from my childhood. I believe I was either still on my mission, or recently returned when these were taken. There have been many changes…new people have moved in, some have moved out, others have passed on and some families are no longer together. I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane. If you would prefer your picture NOT be included in this collection, please let me know and I’ll take it off immediately. Feel free to download the images for your own use. Perhaps consider adding them to and other sites to preserve the memories.



Wallace and Janet Roberts Vivian Peterson Tom and Carol Fullmer Todd and Leslie Smith Terry and Deanna Higgins Taylor and Helen Reynolds Stan and Lahoma Dalton Shine (Harold) and Burdeen Fullmer Shane and Sherry Millett Russell Brindley - Lavern Brindley Rula Ipson Roger and Mary Fullmer Roger and Connie Donahoe Roger and Beverly Westwood Robert and Lorna Lay Robert and Lorna Lay Family Ricky and Jamie Gleave Ricky and Georgie Dalton Rick and Mollie Blackwell Quin and Tracy Newby Paul and Lois Morgan Paul and Jackie Hampton Paul and Jackie Hampton II Pat Christensen Nuel and Joan Anderson II Nordel and Charlene Dalton Nicole and Danielle Westwood Neal and Zina Wiltshire Mike Dalton, Roger Westwood and Chris Fullmer Mike Dalton Kids Mike Brindley Kids Mike and Carolyn Dalton Mike and Carma Brindley Merlin J and Brenda Merlin and Madge Robinson Merle and Renae Westwood Merle and Elaine Allen McKay and Gwen Morgan Mary Dalton Marty and Brooke Gleave Mark and Ricki Cannon Lon and Sundee Dalton Lois Morgan, Derrin Jensen, Jack Gleave and Neul Anderson Lindon and Lenna Romine Leland and Anna Millett Laverne Brindley Larry and Metta Jane Whittaker Larry and Marie Larsen Larry and Glenda Reitz Kirk and Marilyn Robinson Kirk and Laura Fullmer Kim and Cindy Dalton Kent and Loretta Nay Kent and Karen Coates Kent and Karen Coates Kent and Karen Coates Kendall and Dayna Torgerson Ken and Sheila Jensen Keith and Mardene Dalton Kaye and Shannon Evans Jim and Lois Ketchum Jim and Cheryl Kaiser Jay and Pam Lewis Jane Westwood Jane Westwood, Lucille Fullmer, Loana Price and Brenda Robinson Jack and Betty Kae Gleave Ida Crandall Gwen Gottfredson Guy and Loana Price Greg and Debbie Allen Glenda Reitz, Molly Blackwell and ? Glade and Marie Jensen Gary and Sharon Allen Frances Thornton Earl and Chloe Sudweeks Doug and Eloise Coates Don and Sandy Eldridge Dick and Liz Blackwell Deven Gass, Kirk Fullmer and Terry Higgins Deven and Stacie Gass Derrin and Allyson Morgan II Derrin and Allyson Jensen Dave and Ramona Smith Darwin and Jo Anne Thompson Darrell and Natalie Gardner Dan and Terecea Westwood Dale and Dana Bradley Dahl and Diane Westwood Marty and Brooke's Daughter Marty and Brooke's Daughter Corey and Sherree Fullmer Cody and Beth Allen Clifford Norton Clark and Martha Veater Chris and Joleen Fullmer Chet and Cherish Dalton Carolyn Dalton Carlos and Liz Jessen Bryce and Denise Dalton Brent and Susan Christensen Brent and Chris Jessen Bishop Roger Westwood Arthur and Nola Dalton Arthur and Jean Gottfredson Arthur and Jean Gottfredson Alpine and Marge Smith Alfred and Lucille Fullmer Agatha Nay Bishop Afton Morgan Afton and Marilyn Morgan